Over a century after Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted, there is no doubt that the post-impressionist painter has left a lasting mark on aspiring artists and passionate painters across generations, continents, and styles. The prolific artist is best-known for his use of bright, complementary colors and thick, bold brushstrokes.

Van Gogh’s work has inspired several reproductions and reinterpretations over the years. We’ve all seen it, be it a digital recreation of Starry Night hanging at the dentist’s office, or amateur attempts at painting Van Gogh’s famous sunflowers in art class. The artist’s impressive corpus of work has also inspired other forms of art. The Dutch painter and his art feature regularly in popular culture, through television shows, poetry and on the internet.

Van Gogh’s particular style has also inspired more ambitious projects, such as the world’s first fully-painted animated feature film Inside the world’s first fully-painted animated feature, a film that tells the story of the artist’s last letter to his brother, Theo. It attempts to uncover the varying accounts of Van Gogh’s last days.

Besides his painted works, many are particularly interested in the curation of the letters written by Van Gogh The Letters of

Vincent Van Gogh, many of them addressed to Theo. These letters are considered works of art too, by some, since they feature sketches of the pieces he was working on or had recently completed.

Vincent Van Gogh’s unique and beautiful work aside, the artist is also revered and loved for his story. The gifted artist struggled with depression and delusions throughout his life and spent time in psychiatric facilities. Despite his untimely, early death, he created some of the most famous art in history.

What We Can Learn From Vincent Van Gogh

Work Hard- Some of his most-loved works were painted in his last days. Van Gogh created 2400 paintings in his last two 2 years. That is an average of 7 paintings a day! It just goes to show, there are no secrets to hard work or success.

Teach Yourself. Vincent Van Gogh was a largely self-taught artist. While he drew inspiration from painters like Monet and Gaugin, he believed that one could only be a skilled painter if he had mastered drawing. Therefore, he dedicated himself to learning to draw before he added color to his works.

Keep Creating. Despite his struggle with mental health issues, Van Gogh always created, painted or drew something. The artist found a way to channel his pain into creation, the end results are still breathtaking, decades later.

Do What You Love. During his lifetime, unfortunately, Van Gogh was viewed as a madman. He was unsuccessful as an artist and only gained fame and appreciation posthumously. This never stopped him from painting.

Van Gogh’s story is a reminder to keep trying, to work hard and to persevere against all odds.