Art is something which many people appreciate, and it has contributed significantly to the world in many ways. This also means that many prominent artists have added to the art world. While many are famous, a name that is known by many, whether they are art lovers or not, is Vincent van Gogh. Although through the years, there have undoubtedly been many who have paid homage to this great artist, we felt that there was still room for another website dedicated to him. Partly because, many young people may not be as aware of this artist, as the older generation is. The information provided here is full of details that will capture the interest of everyone who reads it.

The Cost of Art

For those who have an appreciation for fine art, they often find that it can be expensive. However, art can be classed as an asset. Something well worth investing in. Most would not be able to afford a piece created by van Gogh, but many other prominent artists have produced some fantastic art. For some, it may be worth asking their bank for a personal loan which can be used to invest in some art pieces.

About Van Gogh

A good starting place on this site is the post which introduces van Gogh and what his life was like. For example, van gogh was a master of self-publicity which a lot of people don’t realise. The creators of today will often study what other artists were like, to see what inspired them.

Van Gogh Recognition

As an artist, van Gogh produced many paintings. There were some which he became most famous for. Here, there is a post that talks about some of these, giving a little history behind each of them. It is an interesting article, as some don’t realise just how many paintings this artist became so well known for.

A Little More About Van Gogh

Readers here will enjoy the collection of interesting facts which we have put together about this artist. This information provides another way of getting to know this artist a little more.


For those who are artists themselves, they quickly recognise that it is important to seek out inspiration. Some may not realise that by looking at the artists of the past, this can be one of their most valuable resources for motivation.

The End of Life

For those who wish to know how this artist’s life came to an end, they will want to read the post we have dedicated to this. Discover the intriguing mystery which still surrounds his untimely death

Hopefully, the collection of information found here will create a renewed appreciation for this famous artist.